Welcome to AutonomousCA.org

AVC began as a simple question posed between friends, who were both tired of the congestion in California and also worried about the safety of their family on the roadways:

How useful would a dedicated autonomous lane be to California?

Through a vigorous discussion and research, our group of technical innovators and public policy advocates found that while autonomous lanes are a great way of capturing the imagination, there’s much more that can be done to promote the use of alternative vehicles.  We’ve formed this group to researching and advocating for the use of safe and efficient autonomous vehicles via studies, educational awareness, social awareness, legislation, regulations, and government programs. 

Like many others, we believe that autonomous cars will bring about drastic, positive change, including significant reductions in driving injuries and fatalities, substantial alleviation of traffic congestion, and greater equity in transportation and work opportunities to name a few.  Our hope is that by the time our children can drive, they won’t have to.

Our mission is simple:

“Accelerate the use of safe, fast and efficient autonomous vehicles on California’s roadways.”

So we’ve created this site to gauge support, hear alternative opinions, gather data, and, if appropriate, start a movement towards the future of transportation in California. We hope you’ll join our efforts!

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